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This paper presents a recommender system for tourism based on the tastes of the users, their demographic classification and the places they have visited in former trips. The system is able to offer recommendations for a single user or a group of users. The group recommendation is elicited out of the individual personal recommendations through the(More)
Abstract. This paper introduces a method for giving recommendations of tourist activities to a group of users. This method makes recommendations based on the group tastes, their demographic classification and the places visited by the users in former trips. The group recommendation is computed from individual personal recommendations through the use of(More)
e-Tourism is a tourist recommendation and planning application to assist users on the organization of a leisure and tourist agenda. First, a recommender system offers the user a list of the city places that are likely of interest to the user. This list takes into account the user demographic classification, the user likes in former trips and the preferences(More)
Over the last years, some remarkable recommender systems for group of users have been developed. When using most of these systems, each group member communicates his/her preferences to the system, which obtains a group profile as the result of an equal weighting of the individual preferences. This way, no member is particularly dissatisfied with the(More)
Recommendation can be defined as the problem of selecting, among a set of items, those ones that are likely of interest to the user. In case of a group of users, recommendations should satisfy, as far as possible, the preferences of all the group members. In order to elicit the group preferences, we present two different mechanisms: the first one consists(More)
This paper presents a Generalist Recommender System Kernel (GRSK) and describes the differences of the recommendation process when it is applied to groups. The GRSK is able to work with any domain as long as the domain description is represented within an ontology. Several basic techniques like demographics, content-based or collaborative are used to elicit(More)
This paper describes the main characteristics of GRSK, a Generalist Recommender System Kernel. It is a RS based on the semantic description of the domain, which allows the system to work with any domain as long as the data of this domain can be defined through an ontology representation. GRSK uses several Basic Recommendation and Hybrid Techniques to obtain(More)
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