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The Sahara Desert is the largest source of mineral dust in the world. Emissions of African dust increased sharply in the early 1970s (ref. 2), a change that has been attributed mainly to drought in the Sahara/Sahel region caused by changes in the global distribution of sea surface temperature. The human contribution to land degradation and dust mobilization(More)
  • G Abbiendi, K Ackerstaff, +141 authors Heisenberg Fellow
  • 1999
Cross-sections and angular distributions for hadronic and lepton pair final states in e + e − collisions at a centre-of-mass energy near 189 GeV, measured with the OPAL detector at LEP, are presented and compared with the predictions of the Standard Model. The results are used to measure the energy dependence of the electromagnetic coupling constant α em ,(More)
UNLABELLED Co-artemether is an oral tablet of artemether (20 mg) and lumefantrine (120 mg) for the treatment of falciparum malaria. Administration in the presence of mefloquine is likely, as co-artemether may be used following failure of antimalarial prophylaxis or treatment with mefloquine. OBJECTIVE The effects on the QTc interval were compared among(More)
The occurrence and formation of ochratoxin A (OTA) in Robusta coffee was studied for three consecutive seasons under tropical conditions in Thailand. Sun drying of coffee cherries consistently led to OTA formation in the pulp and parchment (husks) of the cherries. In replicated trials, dried coffee beans (green coffee) were shown to contain on average OTA(More)
Forty-two healthy subjects were randomized in a parallel three-group design trial to investigate potential electrocardiographic and pharmacokinetic interactions between the new antimalarial co-artemether, a combination of artemether and lumefantrine (both of which are predominantly metabolized through CYP3A4), and mefloquine, another antimalarial described(More)
A cell culture of Paramecium with a precise negative gravitaxis was exposed to 4 x l0(-6) g during a parabolic flight of a sounding rocket for 6 min. Computer image analysis revealed that without gravity stimulus the individual swimming paths remained straight. In addition, three reactions could be distinguished. For about 30 s, paramecia maintained the(More)
4526 Background: EndoTAG-1 is a novel cationic liposomal formulation of paclitaxel being developed for the treatment of solid malignancies. It acts by targeting activated negatively charged endothelial cells of tumor blood vessels. We present safety and efficacy data of a randomized, controlled phase II trial in pancreatic cancer (PC). METHODS 200(More)
This paper describes improvements of a recently developed immunocytochemical method for the detection of specific polynucleotide sequences within chromosomes, as well as conditions by which this method can be combined with chromosome banding. The immunocytochemical method involves modification of polynucleotide probes with N-acetoxy-N-acetyl-2-aminofluorene(More)
On the basis of the concept that steroids accumulate in the lipid phase of endoplasmic reticulum membranes and approach the active sites of steroidogenic cytochromes P-450 from a hydrophobic environment, we describe a procedure that allows calculation of spectral dissociation constants Ks for steroid interaction with testicular microsomal cytochrome P-450(More)
The effect of iron chloride on an in vitro acid attack of human enamel was studied. Slices of teeth were covered with varnish except for a window left on one of the enamel surfaces for exposure. The iron salt was used as a supplement to acid gel, or as pretreatment of the enamel surfaces before exposure to the pure gel. Differences in light transmission of(More)