Inigo Ruiz de Azua

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Impaired function of pancreatic β-cells is one of the hallmarks of type 2 diabetes. β-cell function is regulated by the activity of many hormones and neurotransmitters, which bind to specific cell surface receptors. The M(3) muscarinic acetylcholine receptor (M3R) belongs to the superfamily of G protein-coupled receptors and, following ligand dependent(More)
The endocannabinoid (eCB) system possesses neuromodulatory functions by influencing the release of various neurotransmitters, including γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate. A functional interaction between eCBs and the serotonergic system has already been suggested. Previously, we showed that cannabinoid type-1 (CB1) receptor mRNA and protein are(More)
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