Inhyeok Kim

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Virtualization technology has been widely adopted in Internet hosting centers and cloud-based computing services, since it reduces the total cost of ownership by sharing hardware resources among virtual machines (VMs). In a virtualized system, a virtual machine monitor (VMM) is responsible for allocating physical resources such as CPU and memory to(More)
— This paper presents an autonomous planning and control framework for humanoid robots to climb general ladder-and stair-like structures. The approach consists of two major components: 1) a multi-limbed locomotion planner that takes as input a ladder model and automatically generates a whole-body climbing trajectory that satisfies contact, collision, and(More)
— This video presents our preliminary work towards addressing the ladder climbing event in DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC) using DRC-Hubo robot. A ladder-climbing motion planner is developed which generates a collision-free, stable quasi-static trajectory for execution. Compliance control is enabled on arm joints to compensate for the calibration error,(More)
Recently, many studies have focused on eliminating duplicated I/O stack of virtualization because I/O requests of a guest machine have to pass through the I/O stack of both the guest and host machine. In this paper, we analyze the effect of duplicated I/O stack (e.g., page cache, file system, I/O scheduler, and device driver) between the guest and host(More)
P450 1A2 is responsible for the metabolism of clinically important drugs and the metabolic activation of environmental chemicals. Genetic variations of P450 1A2 can influence its ability to perform these functions, and thus, this study aimed to characterize the functional significance of three P450 1A2 allelic variants containing nonsynonymous single(More)
Recently, the prevalence of large interactive surfaces renewed interests in windowing systems because of the advantages of enabling concurrent applications. We present the NEMOSHELL windowing system for multi-user interactive surfaces. We developed the system based on the Wayland system, a replacement for the Linux X. NEMOSHELL is designed to support(More)