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The use of visible and near‐infrared spectroscopy for the analysis of soil water repellency
Summary This study investigated the potential of visible/near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy (Vis-NIRS) to predict soil water repellency (SWR). The top 40 mm of soils (n = 288) across 48 sitesExpand
The impact of soil carbon management and environmental conditions on N mineralization
Soil carbon (C) management is identified as a key element of sustainable agriculture, and an increase in nitrogen (N) mineralization rates is expected with an increase in soil C. However, anyExpand
Assessment of plant growth and soil properties of extensive green roof system for Rhododendron indicum Sweet.
Recent urban concerns over environmental problems have furthered interest in green roof system. Plant growth and load bearing capacity of an underlying roof are key factors to determine an optimalExpand
Salt Tolerance Assessment with NaCl of Stauntonia hexaphylla (Thunb.) Decene. and Raphiolepis indica var. umbellata (Thunb.) Ohashi
Stauntonia hexaphylla and Raphiolepis indica, cold-tolerant broadleaved evergreens ranging through the southern region of South Korea, were assessed on salt tolerance with NaCl treatment using visualExpand
Analysis of Designation and Symbolic Meanings of Floral Emblems in South Korea as Elements of Garden Tourism and Design
This study was conducted to analyze the current state and symbolic meanings of floral emblem designation in local governments of South Korea. The...
Assessment of Visitors’ Satisfaction and Intention to Revisit of Bukcheon Iceland Poppy Festival in Hadong County, South Korea
This study was conducted to analyze the characteristics of visitors to Hadong Bukcheon Iceland Poppy (BIP) Festival in order to sustain and enhance local flower festivals as a garden tourism. AExpand
Modeling Methodology for Cold Tolerance Assessment of Pittosporum tobira
Abstract: This study was carried out to develop a simple, rapid and reliable assessment model to predict cold tolerance in Pittosporum tobira, a broad-leaved evergreen commonly used in the southernExpand
Changes in Frequency of Use and Satisfaction of Visitors on Urban Forest as Recreational Resources- Focused on Seonhaksan and Bibongsan Mountains, Jinju City, Korea -
This study was conducted to investigate the changes in the frequency of use, users’ behaviour and satisfaction of Seonhaksan and Bibongsan mountains near city center improved through the park andExpand