Ingwer C. Carlsen

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The concept of curvature and shape-based rendering is beneficial for medical visualization of CT and MRI image volumes. Color-coding of local shape properties derived from the analysis of the local Hessian can implicitly highlight tubular structures such as vessels and airways, and guide the attention to potentially malignant nodular structures such as(More)
This paper describes the concept of an Iconic Kernel System which provides a general software tooibox allowing image processing algorithms to be implemented independently of computer hardware and operating systems. Following a strict object-oriented design philosophy, it contains a basic set of data structures and operations from which the(More)
OBJECTIVES We developed and tested a software tool for computer-assisted analysis of FDG-PET/CT in cancer therapy monitoring. The tool provides automatic semi-quantitative analysis of a baseline scan together with up to two follow-up scans (standardized uptake values, glycolytic volume). The tool also supports visual analysis by local spatial registration(More)
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