Ingvil Øien

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A substantial proportion of the “apparently normal” preterm infants exhibit minor and moderate dysfunctions in neuromotor outcome as they grow older. Birth characteristics, minor abnormalities on the neonatal ultrasound scan of the brain, and motor milestones have only limited value in the early detection of these children. The aim of the present study was(More)
PURPOSE To gain more knowledge about ATDs as social-cultural objects in school settings, particularly from the children's perspective. METHODS Nine children with cerebral palsy, aged five to six years, were observed 3 days in kindergarten and twice in the first year at primary school. At the primary school, we interviewed the children. During the(More)
BACKGROUND In paediatric rehabilitation, there is a belief in goal-setting as a fundamental component of decision-making that encourages collaboration and motivation, and improves outcomes. This study aimed to explore parents' and professionals' perceptions of setting and implementing goals within a family centred rehabilitation programme for preschoolers(More)
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