Ingvar Magnusson

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Chronic periodontitis is an inflammatory disease of the periodontium affecting nearly 65 million adults in the United States. Changes in subgingival microbiota have long been associated with chronic periodontitis. Recent culture-independent molecular studies have revealed the immense richness and complexity of oral microbial communities. However, data sets(More)
BACKGROUND Periodontitis is an inflammatory condition of tooth-supporting tissues that is usually treated by mechanical removal of plaque and microorganisms that adhere to teeth. This treatment, known as scaling and root planing, is not optimally effective. Adjunctive therapy with locally delivered antimicrobials has resulted in improved clinical outcomes(More)
The present investigation was carried out to study some aspects of the recolonization of a subgingival microbiota following subgingival instrumentation in sites with deep pockets. 16 patients were recruited for the study. From each patient 4 inflamed gingival sites with deep pockets were selected. These sites were examined for plaque, overt gingivitis,(More)
A new periodontal probing system has been developed which incorporates the advantages of constant probing force, precise electronic measurement to 0.1 mm and computer storage of the data. The system includes a probe handpiece, displacement transducer with digital readout, foot switch, computer interface and personal computer. A unique movable arm design(More)
The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effect of non-surgical periodontal therapy with the adjunct of a selected antibiotic in subjects diagnosed with refractory periodontal disease. 21 subjects were selected for the study; all had a history of periodontal surgery, tetracycline therapy, and regular maintenance by a periodontist. When disease(More)
Refractory periodontitis is considered by many investigators to be a separate disease entity that is descriptive of a particular patient who has multiple sites, rather than a few individual sites, that do not respond to conventional periodontal treatment modalities. Such patients continue to demonstrate loss of attachment and alveolar bone despite frequent(More)
The present study evaluated the potential for reestablishment of connective tissue attachment after exclusion of the gingival connective tissue and epithelium during healing after periodontal surgery in a dog model. Buccal mucoperiosteal flaps were elevated in all four premolar regions in two dogs. The buccal bone was reduced to approximately 25% of its(More)
Evaluation of periodontal therapy involves the use of several oral indices to describe the health status of hard and soft tissues. It was the objective of the present study to evaluate the reliability and reproducibility of some of these indices. A calibration and standardization session was designed to calibrate 10 examiners and a "gold standard" (an(More)
PURPOSE This randomized clinical trial compared the clinical efficacy and tolerability of 2 marketed self-directed vital tooth-whitening systems. MATERIALS AND METHODS Balancing for baseline tooth color, self-reported coffee/tea use, and age, 57 adult volunteers were randomized to either a whitening strip containing 6% hydrogen peroxide or a tray-based(More)