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After obtaining informed consent, we randomized 78 patients with severe hemiparesis of the left or right side within 10 days of stroke onset: 40 to a control group receiving daily physiotherapy and occupational therapy, and 38 to a group that, in addition, we treated with sensory stimulation (acupuncture) twice a week for 10 weeks. The median age was 76(More)
In a detailed study of the pathology of tuberculous infection made in Finland in 1961, tuberculous foci were found at autopsy in 61 of 67 non-vaccinated subjects and in 35 of 83 BCG-vaccinated subjects, all of whom had died between the ages of 1 and 45 years (with 2 exceptions from causes other than tuberculosis). In the present note on the same material,(More)
This case report describes a young woman with systemic lupus erythematosus starting at 16 years of age and giving rise to severe neurological complications including bilateral opticus neuritis and transverse myelitis. Despite heavy immunosuppression her condition steadily aggravated. At this point it was decided to perform autologous stem cell(More)