Ingunn Bjarnadóttir Solberg

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BACKGROUND Job satisfaction in doctors is related to migration, burnout, turnover and health service quality. However, little is known about their job satisfaction during economic recessions. Iceland and Norway have similar health care systems, but only Iceland was affected severely by the 2008 economic crisis. AIMS To examine job satisfaction in(More)
BACKGROUND We lack national and cross-national studies of physicians' perceptions of quality of patient care, professional autonomy, and job satisfaction to inform clinicians and policymakers. This study aims to compare such perceptions in Canada, the United States (U.S.), and Norway. METHODS We analyzed data from large, nationwide, representative samples(More)
BACKGROUND Globalization has facilitated the employability of doctors almost anywhere in the world. In recent years, the migration of doctors seems to have increased. However, we lack studies on doctors' migration from developed countries. Because the economic recession experienced by many countries might have affected the migration of doctors, research on(More)
BACKGROUND Job satisfaction among physicians may be of importance to their individual careers and their work with patients. We lack prospective studies on whether a change in a doctor's job position influences their job satisfaction over a five-year period if we control for other workload factors. METHODS A longitudinal national cohort of all physicians(More)
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