Ingrid Zwaenepoel

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Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is a common autosomal recessive neuromuscular disorder characterized by degeneration of motor neurons of the spinal cord and muscular atrophy. SMA is caused by alterations to the survival of motor neuron (SMN) gene, the function of which has hitherto been unclear. Here, we present immunoblot analyses showing that normal SMN(More)
The mechanisms that regulate actin filament polymerization resulting in the morphogenesis of the brush border microvilli in epithelial cells remain unknown. Eps8, the prototype of a family of proteins capable of capping and bundling actin filaments, has been shown to bundle the microvillar actin filaments. We report that Eps8L1a, a member of the Eps8 family(More)
A subtracted library prepared from vestibular sensory areas [Nat. Genet. 26 (2000) 51] was used to identify a 960bp murine transcript preferentially expressed in the inner ear and testis. The cDNA predicts a basic 124aa protein that does not share any significant sequence homology with known proteins. Immunofluorescence and immunoelectron microscopy(More)
8-Hydroxy-2-(di-n-propylamino)-tetralin hydrobromide (8-OH-DPAT, 2 mg/kg) is used to induce perseverative behavior in rats in a T-maze as a model for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Using the open-field test, radiant heat test, and the test with von Frey filaments, we examined whether alterations in sensorimotor functioning could contribute to the(More)
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