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Cholecystostomy for decompression and drainage of the biliary tree is indicated when the elderly, poor risk patient with destructive inflammatory process in the gallbladder is unable to tolerate a more extensive operation. Cholecystostomy is often criticized as an inferior operation, because it provides some palliation but leaves the patient with most(More)
INTRODUCTION Automated and/or electrical twitch-obtaining intramuscular stimulation (ATOIMS & ETOIMS) evoke twitches at/or near motor end plate zones to relieve muscle pain. OBJECTIVES To demonstrate that pain levels recorded daily by patients enable statistical process control (SPC) analysis of ATOIMS & ETOIMS effects over time. METHODS Four chronic(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate intraovarian blood flow during the early follicular, periovulatory and mid-luteal phases, during spontaneous and stimulated ovarian cycles. Transvaginal ultrasonography with colour flow imaging was used to measure the pulsatility index in eight patients with spontaneous cycles, 20 patients undergoing induction of(More)
Pseudoxanthoma elasticum is a disorder of connective tissue that is associated with numerous systemic complications, including accelerated atherosclerosis, gastrointestinal bleeding, angioid streaks in the ocular fundus, and blindness. Diagnosis of the disease is important because many of its complications can be prevented and genetic counseling can be(More)
Proposed is that needling methods such as acupuncture, primarily effect pain relief in myofascial pain through a local mechanism, elicitation of muscle twitches. Occasionally, diagnostic needling procedures such as electromyography (EMG) can relieve such pain through insertional intramuscular movements of the needle electrode. This results in stimulation of(More)