Ingrid Reimann

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Six metacarpo-phalangeal joints of adult horses were studied. Pressure measurements were made in the joint and the metacarpal bone with simultaneous measurement of the systemic arterial blood pressure. Investigations performed to study the effect of joint position on juxta-articular bone marrow pressure showed that an increase in joint flexion was always(More)
The area of bone-metal interaction in uncemented implants is regarded by many investigators as the key to the success or failure of the implant. The nature of the interaction is poorly understood because the zone is technically difficult to visualize and analyze. In order to test the power of modern imaging, analyzing, and metallurgical methods in this(More)
Several different staining procedures were carried out on decalcified histological sections from human femoral heads to demonstrate the nerves in subchondral bone. The femoral heads were obtained at surgery from patients with fractures of the femoral neck or osteoarthritic hip joints. The Bodian technique was found to be the most suitable. Serial sections(More)
In order to determine the localization and activity of alkaline and acid phosphatase in the synovial membrane of osteoarthritic hip joints, enzymo-histochemical analyses were performed using Burstone's and Barka & Anderson's methods. Frozen sections of synovial biopsy material from 12 osteoarthritic and 6 control hip joints were studied. Alkaline(More)
Synthetic 1alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol, a potent vitamin D analogue, was given daily together with calcium to seven patients with senile osteoporosis and to three patients with prednisone-induced bone loss. Quantitative bone histology indicated increased formation and mineralization after three months of treatment. The bone resorption was reduced, a(More)
In rats treated with gradually increasing amounts of morphine hydrochloride until they tolerated fatal doses, levallorphan precipitated acute body weight loss and elicited a variety of other typical withdrawal symptoms. Cyproheptadine markedly reduced this b.w. loss and abolished the drug-induced withdrawal syndrome. Fenfluramine also suppressed the major(More)
Twelve femoral heads (two normal, four after fracture and six osteo-arthritic) were obtained at surgery or autopsy. Circumferential slices were obtained and five separate areas were analyzed in each for ash content; histological-histochemical grading of the severity of the cartilage changes; and quantitative morphometric analyses to establish the percentage(More)
An account is given of an oscillatory rotating friction measurement apparatus which can be used for demonstration of boundary lubrication by synovial fluid when rubber and glass are employed as rubbing surfaces. A technical description of the apparatus is given. The greatest importance is placed on getting the apparatus to demonstrate reproducible results(More)