Ingrid M. Socorro

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A program to predict organic reactions, ROBIA, has been developed. It achieves reaction prediction on the basis of coded rules and molecular modeling calculations, generating possible transition states, intermediates, and products given the starting material and reaction conditions. The program generates all possible reaction pathways, on the basis of the(More)
A reaction prediction program, ROBIA, has been developed. This interactive computer program predicts the products of organic reactions from the starting materials and the reaction conditions, on the basis of the selected transformations within its database. This mechanistic approach generates a large number of products, from which the most important are(More)
Synthetic chemistry is hard because some reasonable looking molecules cannot be made, because there are errors in the chemical literature, because it is easy to miss reaction possibilities and because even the shape of molecules is very difficult to determine. We propose an approach to the computational analysis of reactions that tries to circumvent these(More)
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