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Conduction velocity in ischemic muscle: effect or2 EMG frequency spectrum. Am. 1970.-The action-potential conduction velocity in Yed " and " white " muscles was studied. The study was made by recording the conduction times during and following periods of repeated contractions while the muscle was ischemic or perfused with a dextran solution. During(More)
A new method for objective quantification of localized muscle fatigue is described. The method is based on power spectrum analysis of myoelectric signals obtained from the fatigued muscle. It permits real-time investigations and yields statistically based criteria for the occurrence of fatigue. The findings are interpreted in terms of muscle action(More)
The most well-described defect in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes is reduced insulin-mediated glycogen synthesis in skeletal muscles. It is unclear whether this defect is primary or acquired secondary to dyslipidemia, hyperinsulinemia, or hyperglycemia. We determined the glycogen synthase (GS) activity; the content of glucose-6-phosphate, glucose,(More)