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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The authors wish to thank several people for important help. Dr. Ingrid Munck at Statistics Sweden and Prof. Michael Rappa at MIT for their valuable suggestions at the early stages of this at MIT for their comments on the statistical methods employed; and Professors Richard Rosenbloom at Harvard and Richard Langlois at University of(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper presents results from the first national survey of problem gambling completed in Sweden. METHOD The Swedish survey is unique in its quality and representativeness, due to the use of multiple modes of data collection, recruitment of respondents from national registers rather than from households, and high response rate. RESULTS In(More)
Despite high rates of comorbidity among pathological gambling, substance use disorders, and other psychiatric conditions, health professionals rarely screen their clients for gambling problems. We report on the performance of the NODS-CLiP, an existing brief, three-item screen for problem and pathological gambling, and an alternative four-item screen that(More)
In 1994, the questionnaire 'Quality of Care from the Patient's Perspective' (QPP) was developed using a conventional factor analytical approach (Wilde et al. 1994). The items and conceptual framework of this questionnaire were derived from a theoretical model, which, in turn, was developed from qualitative patient interviews, using a grounded theory method(More)
BACKGROUND Patient satisfaction is a function of several variables addressing reasons why it is important to use methods in which these different factors can be isolated and their importance analysed. OBJECTIVE In this project, two methods using this approach were used: the 'Quality from the Patient's Perspective' and the 'Quality, Satisfaction,(More)
Recent increases in the number of online gambling sites have made gambling more available, which may contribute to an increase in gambling problems. At the same time, online gambling provides opportunities to introduce measures intended to prevent problem gambling. GamTest is an online test of gambling behavior that provides information that can be used to(More)
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