Ingrid M Ariës

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Fbw7 is a ubiquitin-ligase that targets several oncoproteins for proteolysis, but the full range of Fbw7 substrates is not known. Here we show that by performing quantitative proteomics combined with degron motif searches, we effectively screened for a more complete set of Fbw7 targets. We identify 89 putative Fbw7 substrates, including several(More)
MicroRNA-125b (miR-125b), miR-99a and miR-100 are overexpressed in vincristine-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Cellular viability of ETV6-RUNX1-positive Reh cells significantly increased in presence of 9 ng/mL vincristine upon co-expression of miR-125b/miR-99a (91 ± 4%), miR-125b/miR-100 (93 ± 5%) or miR-125b/miR-99a/miR-100 (82 ± 17%)(More)
Still 20% of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) patients relapse on or after current treatment strategies. Treatment failure is associated with resistance to prednisolone. We aimed to find new druggable targets that modulate prednisolone resistance. We generated microarray gene expression profiles of 256 pediatric ALL patient samples and(More)
In vitro and in vivo resistance to prednisolone are predictive for an adverse prognosis in pediatric precursor B-acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Causes of resistance are still poorly understood. In this study, we observed that prednisolone exposure of prednisolone-sensitive patients' leukemic cells decreased anti-apoptotic MCL1 protein levels by 2.9-fold,(More)
1 Burmeister T, Gokbuget N, Reinhardt R, Rieder H, Hoelzer D, Schwartz S. NUP214-ABL1 in adult T-ALL: the GMALL study group experience. Blood 2006; 108: 3556–3559. 2 Gabert J, Beillard E, van der Velden VH, Bi W, Grimwade D, Pallisgaard N et al. Standardization and quality control studies of ‘real-time’ quantitative reverse transcriptase polymerase chain(More)
RAS pathway mutations have been linked to relapse and chemotherapy resistance in pediatric B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemia (BCP-ALL). However, comprehensive data on the frequency and prognostic value of subclonal mutations in well-defined subgroups using highly sensitive and quantitative methods are lacking. Targeted deep sequencing of 13 RAS(More)
Dexamethasone is the preferred glucocorticoid in the treatment of pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), as its anti-leukemic activity in vitro is 7to 16-fold higher than that of prednisolone and it is associated with a higher event-free survival than prednisone. However, serious neuropsychological side-effects have been described in 5%75% of(More)
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