Ingrid Larsson

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CONTEXT Men and women differ in body fat distribution and adipose tissue metabolism as well as in obesity comorbidities and their response to obesity treatment. OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was a search for sex differences in adipose tissue function. DESIGN AND SETTING This was an exploratory study performed at a university hospital. (More)
The innervation of the duodenal enterochromaffine cells (E.C.) of the guinea pig was studied at the electronmicroscopic level. Pretreatment with 5-OH-dopamine was performed to visualize catecholaminergic (CA) nervous elements. Near the basement membrane of all examined E.C. in the crypts, bundles of unmyelinated nerve processes were observed, only partly(More)
We have developed a specific and sensitive radioimmunoassay for the hydra head activator neuropeptide (HHAP). The antibody recognizes the C-terminal portion of HHAP and shows no cross-reactivity with other neuropeptides. The assay allows measurement of HHAP-like material in tissue extracts with a minimum detectable concentration of 22 fmol/ml standard HHAP(More)
BACKGROUND Fish and meat intake may affect gestational weight gain, body composition and serum fatty acids. We aimed to determine whether a longitudinal dietary intervention during pregnancy could increase fish intake, affect serum phospholipid fatty acids, gestational weight gain and body composition changes during pregnancy in women of normal weight(More)
Efferent cervical vagal nerve stimulation in the cat caused a marked increase of the portal plasma 5-HT concentration. This increase was more than two-fold within 15 min of stimulation. After cessation of stimulation portal plasma 5-HT returned to basal levels within 10 min. Treatment with the beta-adrenoceptor antagonist propranolol, in various doses(More)
Hoxb5 and Hoxa5 transcription factor proteins uniquely impact lung morphogenesis at the developmental time point when extremely preterm infants are born. The effect of O2 exposure (0.4 FiO2) used in preterm infant care on these Hox proteins is unknown. We used ex vivo fetal mouse lung organ cultures to explore the effects of 0.4 FiO2 on lung airway and(More)