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Several proteins in the mammalian endoplasmic reticulum are substrates for protein kinases. Many unidentified phosphoproteins from this compartment are described in the literature, and this prompted us to try to identify at least the more dominant ones. When solubilized bovine and murine microsomes were phosphorylated with protein kinase CK2 and [32P]ATP(More)
The Ca2(+)-dependent neutral proteases calpain I and II as well as their specific inhibitor, calpastatin, were isolated from normal and Alzheimer-degenerated frozen human brain tissue. In the Alzheimer group calpain I activity was higher in cortex than in mesencephalon. The calpastatin activity was lower in cortex in both groups. This may implicate a higher(More)
The structure-activity relationships for the inhibition of protein kinase CK2 by heparin were investigated using purified heparin fragments of different length, varying from 4 to 24 oligosaccharide sugar units. The inhibitory potency was shown to decrease concomitant with the shortening of the heparin fragment length. The fragment of 24 oligosaccharide(More)
The levels of calpains (m-calpain and mu-calpain) in peripheral blood lymphocytes from patients with Alzheimer's disease were determined via Western blotting. The Ca-dependent proteolytic activity and the calpastatin activity were estimated using incubation with exogenous substrate. Evidence was obtained for an increased Ca-dependent proteolytic activity in(More)
Anhand von 134 Patienten in einer Behandlungsgruppe und 73 Probanden in einer Vergleichsgruppe wurde eine kephalometrische Studie zur Darstellung der Wirkungsweise des Bionators nachBalters, in einer Modifikation nachAscher, durchgeführt. Die Auswertung der Ergebnisse erfolgte mit Hilfe einer Faktorenanalyse. Diese kann zwar nicht zwischen signifikanten und(More)
There are 34 family planning counselors operating in 15 family planning centers in French speaking Switzerland. The role of the counselor has changed greatly during the years; from simply imparting information on contraception, the counselor is now in charge of teenage sexual education, and in charge of evaluating demands of pregnancy termination. (More)