Ingrid Granøien

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OBJECTIVE Exercise capacity strongly predicts survival and aerobic interval training (AIT) increases peak oxygen uptake effectively in cardiac patients. Usual care in Norway provides exercise training at the hospitals following myocardial infarction (MI), but the effect and actual intensity of these rehabilitation programmes are unknown. DESIGN Randomized(More)
BACKGROUND Exercise capacity is a strong predictor of survival in patients with coronary artery disease (CAD). Exercise capacity improves after cardiac rehabilitation exercise training, but previous studies have demonstrated a decline in peak oxygen uptake after ending a formal rehabilitation program. There is a lack of knowledge on how long-term exercise(More)
A randomized study of usual care exercise training versus aerobic interval training after myocardial infarction Trine Moholdt ⁎, Inger Lise Aamot , Ingrid Granøien , Lisbeth Gjerde , Gitte Myklebust , Liv Walderhaug , Torstein Hole , Torbjørn Graven , Tomas Stølen , Harald Edvard Mølmen-Hansen , Asbjørn Støylen , Eirik Skogvoll , Stig Arild Slørdahl , Ulrik(More)
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