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The lack of a stomach is not uncommon amongst teleost fishes, yet our understanding of this reductive specialisation is lacking. The absence of a stomach does not restrict trophic preference, resulting in fishes with very similar alimentary morphology capable of digesting differing diets. We examined the digestive biochemistry of four beloniform fishes: two(More)
In rivers, variations in concentrations of many dissolved nutrients occur during spates. Increases are usually attributed to concentrated point or non-point inputs, and decreases to dilution associated with rainfall. Increased discharge disturbs sediments and benthic communities, but the effects of such disturbance on nutrient levels are difficult to(More)
Bats are capable of imaging their surroundings in great detail using echolocation. To apply similar methods to human engineering systems requires the capability to measure and recreate the signals used, and to understand the processing applied to returning echoes. In this work, the emitted and reflected echolocation signals of Rousettus aegyptiacus are(More)
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