Ingrid DuChesne

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SLC39A8 is a membrane transporter responsible for manganese uptake into the cell. Via whole-exome sequencing, we studied a child that presented with cranial asymmetry, severe infantile spasms with hypsarrhythmia, and dysproportionate dwarfism. Analysis of transferrin glycosylation revealed severe dysglycosylation corresponding to a type II congenital(More)
OBJECTIVES Transferrin variants can hinder the diagnostic process in cases of suspected Congenital disorders of glycosylation which affect N-Glycosylation. In addition they can impair the use of Carbohydrate deficient Transferrin as a biomarker for chronic alcohol abuse, in which Asialo-Transferrin and Disialo-Transferrin are increased. We present a novel(More)
AIMS Elevated Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT) levels are used as a biomarker in order to screen for chronic alcohol abuse. Transferrin (Tf) variants can impair methods to measure elevated CDT levels such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). We present a Tf variant affecting the second glycosylation site of Tf and the complications it(More)
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