Ingrid Cipáková

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Effects of three flavonoids, quercetin (QU), galangin (GA), and chrysin (ChR) on cisplatin (cis-Pt)-induced apoptosis of human promyelocytic leukemia HL-60 cells and murine leukemia L1210 cells were investigated. The quantitative analysis of apoptotic DNA fragmentation was used to show that preincubation of cells with flavonoids can influence cis-Pt-induced(More)
Proper meiotic chromosome segregation, essential for sexual reproduction, requires timely formation and removal of sister chromatid cohesion and crossing-over between homologs. Early in meiosis cohesins hold sisters together and also promote formation of DNA double-strand breaks, obligate precursors to crossovers. Later, cohesin cleavage allows chromosome(More)
The formation of RNA-DNA hybrids, referred to as R-loops, can promote genome instability and cancer development. Yet the mechanisms by which R-loops compromise genome instability are poorly understood. Here, we establish roles for the evolutionarily conserved Nrl1 protein in pre-mRNA splicing regulation, R-loop suppression and in maintaining genome(More)
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