Ingrid Biehl

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In this paper we extend the ideas for differential fault attacks on the RSA cryptosystem (see [4]) to schemes using elliptic curves. We present three different types of attacks that can be used to derive information about the secret key if bit errors can be inserted into the elliptic curve computations in a tamper-proof device. The effectiveness of the(More)
We present RDSA, a variant of the DSA signature scheme, whose security is based on the intractability of extracting roots in a nite abelian group. We prove that RDSA is secure against an adaptively chosen message attack in the random oracle model if and only if computing roots in the underlying group is intractable. We report on a very eecient(More)
We describe deterministic algorithms for solving the following algorithmic problems in quadratic orders: Computing fundamental unit and regulator, principal ideal testing, solving prime norm equations, computing the structure of the class group, computing the order of an ideal class and determining discrete logarithms in the class group. We also prove upper(More)
1 Motivation In 1989 Chaum and van Antwerpen introduced a variant of the concept of a digital signature scheme, the undeniable signatures 9]. A signature of this kind cannot be veriied without the interaction of the signer. The standard example for its application is its use by a software development company: the distributed software is signed by means of(More)
Abs t rac t . Mobile code technology is gaining growing importance for example for electronic commerce applications. To come to a widespread use of mobile agents a lot of security aspects have to be seriously considered and security problems have to be solved to convince potential users of this technology. So far, most work concerning security in the area(More)