Ingrid Bibiana Rodríguez

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A low-stringency single-primer polymerase chain reaction (LSSP-PCR) typing procedure targeted to the intergenic regions of spliced-leader genes (SL) was designed to profile Trypanosoma cruzi I stocks from endemic regions of Colombia. Comparison between SL-LSSP-PCR profiles of parasite DNA from vector faeces and cultures isolated from those faeces showed(More)
This study attempted to evaluate the transmission dynamics of Trypanosoma cruzi in four indigenous communities of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (SNSM), Colombia. Low-stringency single primer-polymerase chain reaction (LSSP-PCR) of the minicircles and Southern blot analyses were used to characterize samples from patients, vectors, and reservoirs in these(More)
INTRODUCTION Trypanosoma rangeli is a species of trypanosome second to T. cruzi, that is infective to humans in Latin America. Variability in the biological, biochemical and molecular characteristics between different isolates isolates of this parasite have been recorded. OBJECTIVE Morphological and molecular characteristics were recorded from strains of(More)
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