Ingolf Muller

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Future manufacturing is envisioned to be highly flexible and adaptable. New technologies for efficient engineering of reconfigurable systems and their adaptations are preconditions for this vision. Without such solutions, engineering adaptations of Industrial Process Measurement and Control Systems (IPMCS) will exceed the costs of engineered systems by far(More)
Mobile agents were introduced as a design paradigm for distributed systems to reduce network traffic as compared to client-server based approaches, simply by moving code close to the data instead of moving large amount of data to the client. Although this thesis has been proved in many application scenarios, it was also shown that the performance of mobile(More)
Real-time impact monitoring is an important key approach for structural health management. Passive sensing networks based on built-in sensor technology are employed to collect local data of structural response due to impact events. Those approaches have been demonstrated to be promising in impact monitoring and have the advantage that no extensive hardware(More)
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