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Benthic communities north of Svalbard are less investigated than in other Arctic shelf regions, as this area was covered by sea-ice during most of the year. Improving our knowledge on this region is timely, however, since climate change is strongly evident there, particularly with regard to the extent of sea-ice decline and its huge ecological impact on all(More)
BACKGROUND Pulse spectroscopy is a new noninvasive technology involving hundreds of wavelengths of visible and infrared light, enabling the simultaneous quantitation of multiple types of normal and dysfunctional hemoglobin. We evaluated the accuracy of a first-generation pulse spectroscopy system (V-Spec™ Monitoring System, Senspec, Germany) in measuring(More)
This paper presents an H2-norm optimal control scheme for the three main axes of an overhead travelling crane, which guarantees both tracking of desired trajectories for the crane load and an active damping of crane load oscillations. For the model-based feedback control design series expansions are utilised to obtain an approximate solution of the(More)
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