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This paper aims to identify the impacts of a couple of parameters on gait recognition when a build-in smartphone accelerometer is used. The use of different types of shoes impacts significantly gait recognition while the matching rate on a different surface e.g. grass has only a minor impact. A correlation between accelerometer's data and the phone position(More)
Multi-operating systems have been introduced to manage the manifold requirements of embedded systems. Especially in safety critical environments like the automotive domain the system's security must be guaranteed. Despite the state-of-the-art virtualization mechanisms, the idea of asymmetric-multi-processing can be used to split a system's hardware(More)
Recently, the applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology have been increasingly used in various fields that need automatic identification. RFID is an alternative to the barcode due to its advantages in providing accurate information, ease of control, reduced labour costs. However researchers have reported security, privacy issues with(More)
Secure data transfer is often achieved by encryption. However, if transmitting across a Binary Symmetric Channel while an eavesdropper listens via a Wiretap Channel, the difference in signal quality can be exploited to improve the inherent transmission secrecy. If this exploitation involves the managed use of erasures, then the secrecy of a code transmitted(More)
The applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology have been expanded to be used in different fields that need automatic defining objects without human intervention. Recently, RFID applications have been increasingly used in the world due to its significant advantage in providing accurate information, ease of control, and reduce labour(More)
Rapid development has been observed in the deployment of communication technologies and the use of the Internet across the globe. Information exchange is the main aspect of use of such technologies in everyday life. Crimes associated with the misuse of information on the Internet are on the increase and are resulting in various losses. Saudi Arabia is one(More)