Ingo Stengel

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Multi-operating systems have been introduced to manage the manifold requirements of embedded systems. Especially in safety critical environments like the automotive domain the system's security must be guaranteed. Despite the state-of-the-art virtualization mechanisms, the idea of asymmetric-multi-processing can be used to split a system's hardware(More)
Asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) based multi-OSs are going to be established in future to enable parallel execution of different functionalities while fulfilling requirements for real-time, reliability, trustworthiness and security. Especially for in-car multimedia systems, also known as In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) systems, the composition of different(More)
Within several domains of embedded computing, multi operating systems will be introduced in future. This is motivated by the need of fulfilling widespread requirements. Additionally, safety critical automotive domains add high demands on the security of such systems. Depending on the hardware architecture, it is possible to use several techniques to isolate(More)
This paper aims to identify the impacts of a couple of parameters on gait recognition when a build-in smartphone accelerometer is used. The use of different types of shoes impacts significantly gait recognition while the matching rate on a different surface e.g. grass has only a minor impact. A correlation between accelerometer's data and the phone position(More)
Confidentiality of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) based telecommunication has been an important topic in the past and gained relevance in the recent months. However, especially in private environments, secure communication has not been established yet. In this paper we introduce a new approach to secure private and business telecommunication using available digital(More)