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PURPOSE The virtual environment of the Voxel-Man simulator that was originally designed for virtual surgical procedures of the middle ear has been adapted to intraoral procedures. To assess application of the simulator to dentistry, virtual apicectomies were chosen as the pilot-test model. METHODS A group of 53 dental students provided their impressions(More)
Androstadienone (ANDR), a bodily secreted steroid compound, is a socially relevant chemosignal that modulates subjective and (neuro)physiological responses, predominantly in females. The impact of ANDR on stress responses in males and females has not been explored. Therefore, this fMRI study aimed to examine psychosocial stress reactions induced by mental(More)
This current study investigated which angle of canine inclination (angle between canine tooth axis (CA-line) and the line between the lateral canthus and the ipsilateral labial angle (EM-line)) is perceived to be most attractive in a smile. The second objective was to determine whether laymen and dental experts share the same opinion. A Q-sort assessment(More)
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