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In this paper, parsing with dependency grammar is modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem. A restricted kind of constraints is proposed, which is simple enough to be implemented efficiently, but which is also rich enough to express a wide variety of grammatical well-formedness conditions. We give a number of examples to demonstrate how different kinds(More)
The main aim of this paper is the construction of a smooth (sometimes called differential) extension MU of the cohomology theory complex cobordism MU , using cycles for MU(M) which are essentially proper maps W → M with a fixed U-structure and U-connection on the (stable) normal bundle of W → M. Crucial is that this model allows the construction of a(More)
Resource adaptivity: Because the sets of struc-Natural language parsing is conceived to be a procedure of disambiguation, which successively reduces an initially totally ambiguous structural representation towards a single interpretation. Graded constraints are used as means to express well-formedness conditions of different strength and to decide which(More)
The results of an experiment are presented in which an approach for robust parsing has been applied in-crementally. They confirm that due to the robust nature of the underlying technology an arbitrary prefix of a sentence can be analysed into an intermediate structural description which is able to direct the further analysis with a high degree of(More)
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