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In this paper, parsing with dependency grammar is modeled as a constraint satisfaction problem. A restricted kind of constraints is proposed, which is simple enough to be implemented efficiently, but which is also rich enough to express a wide variety of grammatical well-formedness conditions. We give a number of examples to demonstrate how different kinds(More)
Based on constraint optimization techniques, an architecture for robust parsing of natural language utterances has been developed. The resulting system is able to combine possibly contradicting evidence from a variety of information sources, using a plausibility-based arbitration procedure to derive fairly rich structural representations, comprising aspects(More)
The main aim of this paper is the construction of a smooth (sometimes called differential) extension MU of the cohomology theory complex cobordism MU , using cycles for MU(M) which are essentially proper maps W → M with a fixed U-structure and U-connection on the (stable) normal bundle of W → M. Crucial is that this model allows the construction of a(More)
Resource adaptivity: Because the sets of struc-Natural language parsing is conceived to be a procedure of disambiguation, which successively reduces an initially totally ambiguous structural representation towards a single interpretation. Graded constraints are used as means to express well-formedness conditions of different strength and to decide which(More)
If the student of a foreign language is expected to beneet from the interactive nature of computerr based tutoring systems, solutions are required which combine the ability to accept free form input with the production of helpful feedback on the quality of the utterances received. A solution is presented which provides language learning systems with the(More)
The results of an experiment are presented in which an approach for robust parsing has been applied in-crementally. They confirm that due to the robust nature of the underlying technology an arbitrary prefix of a sentence can be analysed into an intermediate structural description which is able to direct the further analysis with a high degree of(More)
Der Konsum verschiedener Lebensmittel wie Milch oder Pizza kann zu insulinotropen, akneinduzierenden Effekten führen, die auf Signaltransduktionsebene molekularbiologisch erklärt werden können. Den Zusammenhang von Ernährung und Akne hat Prof. Dr. Bodo C. Melnik in einem kürzlich veröffentlichen Review dargestellt.
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