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BACKGROUND The aim of this retrospective study was to describe the spectrum of genital and associated malformations in women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome using evaluated diagnostic procedures and the Vagina Cervix Uterus Adnex - associated Malformation classification system (VCUAM). METHODS 290 women with MRKH syndrome were clinically(More)
BACKGROUND Based on a non-randomized study of Nigro et al. (2005) the intravenous administration of hyperimmunoglobulins (HIGs) is applied frequently to women with primary CMV-infection as "off-label use" in Germany. OBJECTIVES In order to describe their CMV-specific neutralization-capacity in vitro, we analyzed the HIG preparations Cytotect®, and(More)
Epidermal growth factor (EGF) has been shown to modulate endometrial differentiation in vivo and in vitro. Therefore, endometrial stromal cell EGF receptors were characterized in intact endometrial stromal cells, cultured in vitro. The methods used for characterization were flow cytometry, binding and displacement studies, and gel electrophoresis followed(More)
Because insulin-like growth factor type I (IGF-I) is reputed to be involved in the endometrial decidualization, we analyzed the expression of IGF-I receptors in an in vitro system of human endometrial stromal cells. Competitive binding studies of both intact stromal cells and membrane preparation indicated the presence of specific components with high(More)
We report a 60-year-old immunocompetent patient with chronic biliary isosporiasis who failed to respond to orally administered cotrimoxazole prophylaxis and orally administered treatment with nitazoxanide, a 5-nitrothiazole benzamide compound. Severe malabsorption was regarded as responsible for the subtherapeutic levels of nitazoxanide in plasma and bile,(More)
For differentiation-defective malignancies, compounds that modulate transcription, such as retinoic acid and histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitors, are of particular interest. HDAC inhibitors are currently under investigation for the treatment of a broad spectrum of cancer diseases. However, one clinical drawback is class-specific toxicity of unselective(More)
BACKGROUND Plasma concentrations of natriuretic peptides are often elevated in chronic hemodialysis patients and difficult to interpret due to accumulation, high incidence of cardiac disease and changes in volume status. Mid-regional pro-ANP is a newly developed assay whereas BNP and its fragment NT-pro-BNP are available for a longer time. In this(More)
BACKGROUND In clinical practice, there is a strong interest in non-invasive markers of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). Our hypothesis was that the fold-change in plasma triglycerides (TG) during a 2-h oral glucose tolerance test (fold-change TGOGTT) in concert with blood glucose and lipid parameters, and the rs738409 C>G single nucleotide(More)
In in-vitro Bindungsstudien endomembrialer Membranen mit I-CYP konnte gezeigt werden, dab die Bindung durch die Pr~iinkubation der Membranen mit Phospholipase A2 (10 Einheiten) signifikant reduziert werden konnte. 896,4 +_ 13,8 fmol/Mg vs. 55,4 +_ 6,2 fmol/ms, p < 0,01). Dieser Effekt konnte durch die Zugabe yon EDTA (10 mM) wahrend der Vorinkubation(More)