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OBJECTIVE To establish a population based disease registry for pediatric rheumatology in a defined population of Austria; to describe the demographic and diagnostic classification of children referred to pediatric rheumatology clinics; and to estimate the incidence of pediatric rheumatic diseases in Eastern Austria. METHODS For 2 years (1997-98) all(More)
Leptin inhibits insulin secretion from pancreatic β-cells, and in turn, insulin stimulates leptin biosynthesis and secretion from adipose tissue. Dysfunction of this adipoinsular feedback loop has been proposed to be involved in the development of hyperinsulinemia and type 2 diabetes mellitus. At the molecular level, leptin acts through various pathways,(More)
We report herein the results of the cross-cultural adaptation and validation into the Austrian language of the parentís version of two health related quality of life instruments. The Childhood Health Assessment Questionnaire (CHAQ) is a disease specific health instrument that measures functional ability in daily living activities in children with juvenile(More)
The efficiency of a daily vitamin D prophylaxis with tablets ("Laevovit D3"), containing 1000 I.U. cholecalciferol was studied in newborn babies (most of them "prematures") over a period of about 5 weeks. The blood-values of 25-hydroxycholecalciferol were taken as parameter and determined 1 week and 5 weeks after the start of vitamin D prophylaxis. The data(More)
We present the Urbach-Whiete-Syndrome as a rare cause of hoarseness in children. As such patients often present initially to the E.N.T. surgeon, we should like to draw attention to this autosomal recessive condition. Only symptomatic treatment is possible, and genetic counselling should be considered. The diagnosis of the disease should be as prompt as(More)
The effect of daily administration of 1200 IU vitamin D3 was compared with the response to a single oral dose of 200,000 IU in 21 young infants by determination of the plasma 25-OHCC levels. After about one week the mean value recorded in group 1 was 27 +/- 13 ng/ml; the corresponding value in group 2 was 127 +/- 78.4 ng/ml. At the second control(More)
Sections of human placental villi which were up to 80 micrometer in diameter were examined light microscopically and morphometrically. The villi were obtained by taking an aspiration biopsy of the attached placenta from 20 normal patients at term and from eight patients delivered at or before 37 weeks because of varying degrees of rhesus incompatibility.(More)
Since 1981, annual four-week holidays have been arranged for children with juvenile rheumatic arthritis, during which the children are cared for by a team of pediatricians, orthopedists, ergotherapists, physiotherapists and assistants trained in psychology. With systematic splint therapy, physiotherapy, and by enhancing drug awareness during these(More)