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BACKGROUND AND AIMS Anemia is a frequent complication of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Hepcidin, a key mediator in this anemia, is up-regulated by high iron levels and inflammation, and serum levels are elevated in IBD. However, the extent of inflammatory activity and iron deficiency for the regulation of hepcidin is not known. This study aimed to(More)
The position and extent of fiber pathways and their intersubject variability in the white matter of the forebrain have not been analyzed with histological techniques in the adult human brain. This is due mainly to the lack of a staining procedure with which the different fiber tracts can be visualized with sufficient contrast. The here described(More)
Systemically disseminated tumor cells have become the subject of intensive research as the presumed seminal precursors of later distant metastasis. We describe here a novel sensitive multimarker nested reverse transcription (RT)-PCR capable of detecting the individual expression of human MAGE-A genes MAGE-1, -2, -3/6, -4, and -12 by rare, disseminated tumor(More)
PURPOSE MAGE-A gene expression in humans is mostly restricted to tumor cells, and the role of MAGE-A transcripts and peptides as diagnostic markers and therapeutic targets is currently under investigation. Thus far, the clinical relevance of MAGE-A transcripts as marker for disseminated tumor cells in bone marrow of patients with operable lung cancer(More)
To the Editor: A 53-year-old male presented with sudden numbness and paresthesia of the left arm which subsided spontaneously within hours. In addition, the patient complained of arthralgias in both shoulders and had noted nocturnal sweating and weight loss (30 lb) during the last 6 months. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate was markedly increased (>150 mm(More)
INTRODUCTION Distant metastases of solid tumors are usually associated with fatal outcome. Disseminated cancer cells are considered early indicators of metastasis. Their sensitive detection and quantification would be a valuable tool for staging of disease and as guidance for therapeutic decisions. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN We established a highly sensitive and(More)
Esophagectomy with gastric pull-up is a standard procedure for patients with esophageal cancer. Despite growing surgical experience, anastomotic leakage can still occur and cause significant morbidity. We report a case of anastomotic leakage with concomitant spondylodiscitis and describe the endoscopical appearance and closure of an unusual posterior(More)
Dilatation of the colon and the rectum, which is not attributable to aganglionosis, is a rare finding and can be the result of intractable chronic constipation. We report a rare case of a 29-year-old male patient with impressive megacolon, in whom Hirschsprung's or Chagas disease was ruled out. In the present case, dilatation of the colon was most likely(More)
Inflammatory Bowel Disease (i. e. Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis) show a rising incidence throughout Switzerland. An early and individualized therapy usually enables the effective treatment of both diseases and prevents structural gastrointestinal damage or surgical interventions. The goal of medical therapy is not only the relief of symptoms but(More)