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In this work we are evaluating the performance and design of a novel wearable haptic interface suitable for the appliance in large workspaces. We are investigating three main questions regarding the performance of the wearable haptic interface. The first question is whether stable and transparent presentation of contact with rigid surfaces on objects can be(More)
In this paper we describe a system for aerial manipulation composed of a helicopter platform and a fully actuated seven Degree of Freedom (DoF) redundant industrial robotic arm. We present the first analysis of such kind of systems and show that the dynamic coupling between helicopter and arm can generate diverging oscillations with very slow frequency(More)
— In this paper we present a system for operation and testing of different UAVs. The system allows easy development and modification of control and mission software. The system is composed of hard-and software modules with a standardized interface. We have been using the system with rotary and fixed wing UAVs with a takeoff mass between 10 and 100 kg. For(More)
— In this work we present a framework for the estimation of the Cartesian position of stationary sound sources in reverberant environments and under the influence of heavy clutter based on binaural bearing measurements. We employ a particle filter (PF) on binaural measurements to estimate the position of the sound sources in a bearing only tracking (BOT)(More)
Recent scientific works regarding interaction in virtual realities presented many different approaches for haptic feedback. However, the usability of a wearable device, which deflects forces on the user's body in some way, has not been evaluated up until now in the context of virtual realities. In this work we present the application of a wearable haptic(More)
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