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Antibacterial coating of medical devices is a promising approach to reduce the risk of infection but has not yet been achieved on wear surfaces, e.g. polyethylene (PE). We quantitatively determined the antimicrobial potency of different PE surfaces, which had been conversed to diamond-like carbon (DLC-PE) and doped with silver ions (Ag-DLC-PE). Bacterial(More)
BACKGROUND Mucormycosis is an invasive mycotic disease caused by fungi in the zygomycetes class. Although ubiquitous in the environment, zygomycetes are rarely known to cause invasive disease in immunocompromised hosts with a high mortality even under aggressive antifungal and surgical therapy. Clinically, mucormycosis frequently affects the sinus(More)
Silver ions (Ag+) have strong bactericidal effects and Ag-coated medical devices proved their effectiveness in reducing infections in revision total joint arthroplasty. We quantitatively determined the antimicrobial potency of different surface treatments on a titanium alloy (Ti), which had been conversed to diamond-like carbon (DLC-Ti) and doped with high(More)
Bodybuilding is a high-risk sport for distal triceps tendon ruptures. Management, especially in high-demanding athletes, is operative with suture anchor refixation technique being frequently used. However, the rate of rerupture is high due to underlying poor tendon quality. Thus, additional augmentation could be useful. This case report presents a(More)
BACKGROUND Treatment of clavicular non- and malunion is still challenging. Current surgical procedures often result in frustrating functional outcome along with high-grade subjective impairment and increased rates of revision surgery. However, the combination of biological augmentation with vital bone graft and a biomechanically sufficient fixation system(More)
BACKGROUND Medial tibial stress syndrome is one of the most common causes of exertional leg pain in runners whereas musculoskeletal tumors and tumor-like lesions are rare encounters in orthopedic sports medicine practice. Unicameral (simple) bone cyst is a well-known tumor-like lesions of the bone typically affecting children and adolescents. Bilateral(More)
Metastasis is the major cause of death of osteosarcoma patients and its diagnosis remains difficult. In preclinical studies, however, forced expression of reporter genes in osteosarcoma cells has remarkably improved the detection of micrometastases and, consequently, the quality of the studies. We recently showed that Dunn cells equipped with a lacZ(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic osteomyelitis due to direct bone trauma or vascular insufficiency is a frequent problem in orthopaedic surgery. In contrast, acute haematogenous osteomyelitis represents a rare entity that almost exclusively affects prepubescent children or immunodeficient adults. CASE PRESENTATION In this article, we report the case of acute(More)
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