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Simulation-based Early Warning Systems (SEWS) support proactive control of real material flow systems. In consequence of real or potential state changes, proactive control (unlike reactive control) makes foresighted and targetoriented acting possible. Starting from the definition of SEWS their architecture and the requirements for design of SEWS are(More)
Simulation-Based Early Warning Systems provide opportunities to control and analyze material flow systems by forecasting future system states. For this purpose a flexible reporting and extracting of simulation results respectively is essential but not supported by simulation tools in a standardized and simulator-independent way. There is a variety of(More)
In most cases of congenital lacrimal fistulae occuring in the ophthalmic literature the condition is diagnosed only during later life. Then, however, the congenital nature is doubtful. This paper describes a new-born with bilateral congenital lacrimal fistulae. Furthermore, the underfed patient has heart and genital malformations. The indication for(More)
In agreement with other clinical reports we observed in 20 patients that Parinaud's syndrome may be associated with other midbrain symptoms. Most frequently we found convergence insufficiency or pupillary changes. In contrast to textbooks in most cases that was an incomplete, absolute paralysis of pupillary constriction. Some patients had also paresis of(More)
  • I Hotz
  • 1975
The authors feel that orbital tumor metastases are more common than generally presumed. The occurence of orbital metastases of malignant melanomas of the skin is discussed in this paper. Until now 20 cases have been published. Therapy of metastases is an unsolved problem, immunologic factors might be of some importance. The authoress describes a case of(More)
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