Ingo Hoerselmann

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  • Adam Williamson, Lars Schumann, +4 authors Andreas Schober
  • 2013
We fabricate and characterize asymmetric memristors which show a very strong single-sided hysteresis. When biased in one direction there is hysteresis and in the opposite direction there is a lack of hysteresis. We demonstrate that this apparent lack is actually hysteresis on a much faster time-scale. We further demonstrate that this form of asymmetric(More)
We developed an underetching technique to define submicrometer channel length polymer field-effect transistors. Short-channel effects are avoided by using thin silicon dioxide as gate insulator. The transistors with 1 and 0.74 ␮m channel length operate at a voltage as low as 5 V with a low inverse subthreshold slope of 0.4–0.5 V/dec, on–off ratio of 10 4 ,(More)
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