Ingo Hartel

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Enterprises cooperate more extensively with other enterprises in various forms. To enable the cooperation of multiple organizations in supply chains or virtual enterprises, configuration and set-up tools need to define the relations between partnering enterprises. In the one-of-a-kind industry, enterprises collaborate within a Virtual Enterprise (VE). For(More)
Ensuring the qualitative project results is the way to secure the usefulness for the partners and thus also the benefits to the society and citizens. The paper presents the developed qualitative and quantitative approach together with examples from real cases. A measurement system has been defined using performance indicators for monitoring the progress(More)
Companies involved in the business of delivering one-of-a-kind products are facing new challenges. Efficient sales and service to the increasingly complex products is becoming a key success factor. The sales and service functions provided must meet the customer demand for qualified and quick operation support independent of time and distance. The IMS(More)
Along the lifecycle of a service virtual enterprise (SVE), extensive amount of critical information is created, shared, used, modified and disposed. The Information Roadmap (iRoadmap) introduced in this paper attempts to trace the content and flow of such information in the whole life of a SVE, therefore enables the development of tools and methods for(More)
This paper discusses a scheme that allows all parties involved in the maintenance of a chemical plant: the plant owner (customer), the engineering company, the equipment vendors, and the maintenance firms, to form a virtual service enterprise (VSE) whenever a maintenance service is necessary, in an attempt to provide required services more timely. This(More)