Ingo H. de Boer

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Zusammenfassung. Die Arbeit behandelt die dreidimensionale Loka-lisation und Darstellung von intra-und extrakorporalen Elektroden. Ziel ist es, für eine elektrophysiologische Untersuchung intrakardiale Elektro-den eines Meÿkatheters zusammen mit extrakorporalen Oberächenelek-troden räumlich zu lokalisieren. Als bildgebende Systeme dienen zwei(More)
Detailed information about the electro-physical behaviour of the heart can be obtained by measuring electrical potentials in combination with the position of the measurement electrodes and the conductivity distribution in the body. This study describes a less expensive approach to create a model of a human thorax, and thus, the conductivity distribution. In(More)
Mapping of electrical endocardial activity is an important procedure for cardiac diagnosis and surgical treatment planning. The measurement is usually done using single string catheters with a limited number of electrodes. In recent years an increasing number of mapping systems is used in clinical routine. Different systems have been introduced and(More)
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