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Epipolar image analysis is a robust method for 3D scene depth reconstruction that uses all available views of an image sequence simultaneously. It is restricted to horizontal, linear, and equidis-tant camera movements. In this paper, we present a concept for an extension of epipolar image analysis to other camera configurations like, e.g., circular(More)
The endonuclease tRNase Z from A. thaliana (AthTRZ1) was originally isolated for its tRNA 3' processing activity. Here we show that AthTRZ1 also hydrolyzes the phosphodiester bond in bis(p-nitrophenyl) phosphate (bpNPP) with a kcat of 7.4 s-1 and a KM of 8.5 mM. We analyzed 22 variants of AthTRZ1 with respect to their ability to hydrolyze bpNPP. This(More)
Information on the effects of long-term organoarsenical consumption by mammals is limited despite the fact that foodstuffs, especially seafood, often contain organoarsenicals at very high concentrations. Here we evaluate the intake, uptake, and excretion (urine and feces) of arsenic by sheep that live on North Ronaldsay in the Orkney Islands and naturally(More)
Heavy metal concentrations were measured in airborne dust collected at three sites with different traffic densities from August 2001 to July 2002 in the Frankfurt am Main area. Bulk samples of particulate matter (PM) with an aerodynamic equivalent diameter of <22 microm were collected on cellulose nitrate filters using air filtration devices. Fractionated(More)
In bacteria, the transcription of virulence genes is usually controlled by a cell density-dependent process known as "quorum sensing" (QS). QS relies on small diffusible signaling molecules that cross the bacterial cell wall and activate target transcription factors after a threshold concentration has been reached. Besides two hierarchical QS circuits based(More)
In this paper we present an efficient high resolution Image Based Visual Hull (IBVH) algorithm that entirely runs in real-time on a single consumer graphics card. The target application is a real-time 3D video conferencing system. One major contribution of this paper is a novel caching strategy for the reduction of line segment intersection tests. In(More)
In the past few years, the focus of phosphoproteomics has shifted from merely qualitative to quantitative and targeted studies. Tryptic digestion is a critical step that directly affects quantification and that can be impaired by phosphorylation. Therefore, we systematically characterized the digestion efficiency of 19 nonmodified and phosphorylated model(More)
The interest in immersive video conference systems exists now for many years from both sides, the commercialization point of view as well as from a research perspective. Nevertheless, so far the user acceptance of such systems was still very limited. This situation changed recently. Technological advances in fields like display and camera technology as well(More)