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Online research maps are websites that present information about certain research activities in a structured manner. Institutions like universities, states, or individual researchers use them as knowledge base to identify and communicate “who knows what” and “where can the respective information be found”. Furthermore, these items are used as a research(More)
This paper describes the configuration of distributed multimedia applications using the CINEMA system. Components, interconnected by links via ports are used to handle multimedia data. Configuration management controls these interconnections, establishes components in threads on different systems and allows an interactive control of data handling functions.(More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral blood progenitor cell (PBPC) collections should be safe and efficient. Therefore, the influence and risk factors in large-volume leukaphereses (LVL) with standardized blood volumes was investigated. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS In a total of 724 autologous LVL performed at our center, either 4x or 6x the patient's blood volume (PBV) was(More)
Distributed multimedia applications require negotiation of quality of service (QoS) and resource reservation for distributed application parts and communication links. Negotiation of QoS is a balancing process between the QoS specified by a client, the resource availabilities of the distributed system and the functional capabilities of the distributed(More)
We numerically demonstrate so-far undescribed features in ionization and high harmonic generation from bound states with nonvanishing electronic angular momentum. The states' modified response to a strong laser pulse can be exploited for novel measurement and pulse production schemes. It is shown that angularly asymmetric tunneling from the states can be(More)
The outcome of a pericyclic reaction is typically represented by arrows in the Lewis structure of the reactant, symbolizing the net electron transfer. Quantum simulations can be used to interpret these arrows in terms of electronic fluxes between neighboring bonds. The fluxes are decomposed into contributions from electrons in so-called pericyclic orbitals,(More)