Ingmar Hedman

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In 23 unselected cases of primary hyperparathyroidism (pHPT), muscle strength, morphology and enzymatic activities were studied and electromyography (EMG) performed before and 6 months after surgical treatment. Hypercalcemia was mostly mild or moderate. Nine women undergoing surgery for benign thyroid conditions served as controls regarding muscle strength,(More)
It is well established that external radiation to the neck area can act as an initiating factor in the development of hyperparathyroidism (HPT). In the present work the incidence of HPT was studied in a series of 125 patients treated with 131I for thyrotoxicosis and in untreated controls matched for age and sex. No increased incidence of HPT was found among(More)
Severe muscular weakness and increased fatigability are occasionally encountered in patients with hyperparathyroidism (HPT). An unselected series of 15 HPT patients was studied to assess if subjective fitness could be associated with detectable muscular dysfunction at objective measurements comparing muscle strength before and after surgery. Significant(More)
Thyroid lobectomy is a common procedure. It is therefore important to know whether lobectomised patients need thyroxine substitution after operation for benign disease. A follow-up examination of 95 patients on average 15 years after surgery disclosed hypothyroidism in 5%. There were seven individuals (9%) with only elevated thyrotropin values but normal(More)
Thirty-five patients with primary or radiation-induced hyperparathyroidism underwent autotransplantation with fresh diseased parathyroid tissue. Due to previous neck surgery (34 percent), concomitant thyroid surgery (66 percent), and a high proportion of multiglandular parathyroid disease (43 percent), all patients ran a high risk of becoming(More)
A case of water-clear cell hyperplasia of the parathyroid glands is reported. As far as we know this case is unique in respect of the following features. All the parathyroids were located in the superior mediastinum. One abnormal parathyroid gland was removed with the help of a mediastinoscope. The patient survived a massive parathyroid hemorrhage. This(More)
An exceptional case of water-clear cell hyperplasia (WCCH) of the parathyroid glands is presented. Parathyroid tissue was excised at three operations during a period of twenty years before the patient eventually became normocalcemic. Microscopic evaluation of the parathyroids from the first operation showed typical WCCH-findings. However, the parathyroid(More)
During an 8-year period ending 1981, 372 patients were treated surgically for hyperparathyroidism (HPT) only, 93 for nonmedullary thyroid carcinoma only, and 19 for combined disease (patients traced by follow-up excluded). Seventy-three of these 484 patients (15.1%) had a history of irradiation to the neck region. When calculated for both the HPT and(More)
Parathyroid morphology was studied in 45 irradiated and 37 control rats. The irradiated rats received a single parathyroid dose of about 6.5 gray. The rats were killed and autopsied 14 months later. The radiation resulted in fibrosis and depression in weight of the parathyroids. In irradiated rats eleven parathyroid adenomas and four thyroid tumors were(More)