Ingmar Andreasson

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Driver behavior plays an important role in modeling vehicle dynamics in a traffic simulation environment. To study one element of the general driver behavior, that of car following, an advanced instrumented vehicle has been applied in dynamic data collection in real traffic flow on Swedish roads. This paper briefly introduces our car following data(More)
This paper first reports a data acquisition method that the authors used in a project on modeling driver behavior for microscopic traffic simulations. An advanced instrumented vehicle was employed to collect driver-behavior data, mainly car-following and lane-changing patterns, on Swedish roads. To eliminate the measurement noise in acquired car-following(More)
The paper presents a mesoscopic traffic simulation model, particularly suited for the development of integrated meso-micro traffic simulation models. The model combines a number of the recent advances in simulation modeling, such as discrete-event time resolution and combined queue-server and speed-density modeling, with a number of new features such as the(More)
Intelligent speed adaption (ISA) is one type of vehicle-based intelligent transportation systems (ITS), which warns and regulates driving speed according to the speed limits of the roads. Early field studies showed that ISA could reduce general mean speed levels and their variances in different road environments. This paper studies the effects of various(More)
Cost issues have been an important concern in the development of Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) since the concept was developed several decades ago. The lightweight, computerguided electric vehicles operating the PRT system are generally a major part of the capital cost of the system, especially in larger network with high demand. A sufficient number of empty(More)
Podcars or Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) has been discussed and analyzed in Sweden since the mid-1960’s. Interests in PRT has gone up and down over time. Since the mid-1990’s, however, the efforts of promoting PRT in Sweden have become more serious and frequent. Many pre-feasibility and a few feasibility studies were undertaken by researchers, consultants(More)
Foreword The report describes the findings from a research project sponsored by Gatu-och Fastighetskontoret (GFK) of the City of Stockholm and jointly undertaken with the and Angus Davol, d eveloped and implemented the MITSIMLab enhancements, calibrated the models and assisted in the fine-tuning of the network and control logic. Other researchers at the MIT(More)
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