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Space-borne SAR sensors are of special interest for mapping flood extent due to the possibility to acquire images in all weather conditions. In this article we review the SAR part of an operational flood mapping service. An operational service requires fully automatic methods that are able to process any available SAR data in near-real time. Mapping flood(More)
— We demonstrate a fully automatic flood detector for non-forested areas on an ERS SAR image of the 1994 flooding incident in Alessandria, Italy. The flood detector is capable of detecting the majority of the flooded area. However, there are some undetected flooded areas which exhibit high backscatter caused by double bouncing from flooded vegetation.
Social work counsellors, exposed to hardships of clients' lives, might, over time, experience strain as bodily reactions of muscle tension and pain. Within the framework of improving professional practice, the aim was to explore meanings attached to moving and breathing by studying the influence of supervision, encompassing experiences and reflections on(More)
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