Inger Simonsen

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CONTEXT Use of 80% oxygen during surgery has been suggested to reduce the risk of surgical wound infections, but this effect has not been consistently identified. The effect of 80% oxygen on pulmonary complications has not been well defined. OBJECTIVE To assess whether use of 80% oxygen reduces the frequency of surgical site infection without increasing(More)
BACKGROUND A high perioperative inspiratory oxygen fraction may reduce the risk of surgical site infections, as bacterial eradication by neutrophils depends on wound oxygen tension. Two trials have shown that a high perioperative inspiratory oxygen fraction (FiO(2) = 0.80) significantly reduced risk of surgical site infections after elective colorectal(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to investigate whether dofetilide, a new selective cardiac potassium channel blocker, would reduce the incidence of ischaemia induced ventricular fibrillation in closed chest pigs. METHODS A randomised, blinded, and placebo controlled study was performed in 32 closed chest pigs with a body weight of 70-90 kg. The animals were given a(More)
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