Inger Nordahl

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OBJECTIVE The study was designed to evaluate a method proposed for measuring dimensional changes of endodontic sealers, and to assess the dimensional changes of 11 commercial sealers after prolonged storage in water. METHODS The method for linear dimensional change described in the draft standard for endodontic sealers was applied to 11 different types of(More)
Detailed knowledge of dentine structure, and especially that of the dentinal tubules, is essential in order to understand dentine permeability and to interpret data from investigations on dentine adhesive materials. The aim here was to examine the density and branching of dentinal tubules in human teeth by light and scanning electron microscopy. Stained and(More)
This study evaluated the histological changes in dental pulp after nightguard vital bleaching with 10% carbamide peroxide gel. Fifteen patients between 12 and 26 years of age with caries-free first premolars scheduled for orthodontic extraction were treated with 10% Opalescence (Ultradent Products, Inc). Tooth #5 had four days of bleaching, tooth #12 was(More)
Only slight pulp reactions to glass ionomer cements occurred when inserted in Class V cavities of dog teeth. Most inflammatory reactions were due to bacteria at the tooth/filling interface. Special dentin reactions were noted in almost half the teeth, including hematoxyphilic bands in the dentin and a disturbance of the mineralization pattern of predentin.(More)
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