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Although it is well documented that children undergo a productive vocabulary spurt late in the second year, it is unclear whether this development is accompanied by equally significant advances in receptive word processing. In the present study, we tested an electrophysiological procedure for assessing receptive word learning in young children, and the(More)
The present study investigated the brain mechanisms involved during young children's receptive familiarization with new words, and whether the dynamics of these mechanisms are related to the child's productive vocabulary size. To this end, we recorded event-related potentials (ERPs) from 20-month-old children in a pseudoword repetition task. Results(More)
The present paper addresses the question of the functional lateralization of the ability to perceive the tonal distinctions in tone languages. Dichotic listening experiments and investigations of the brain-damaged population have indicated that the left hemisphere is more active than the right in the perception of tone in East Asian tone languages like(More)
The present article provides a linguistic analysis of Monrad-Krohn's famous description of a patient with deviant prosody (1947). Monrad-Krohn found it particularly striking that the patient's "melody of speech" had been damaged although her musical abilities showed no impairment. The patient had suffered a traumatic motor aphasia as the result of a(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of polypectomy in preventing colorectal cancer (CRC) has never been demonstrated in a controlled, prospective study. This must be done by randomization within a population with a high prevalence of colorectal polyps, and the feasibility and safety of endoscopic screening examination is a prerequisite for this type of study. METHODS(More)
Epidemiological studies have suggested an association between diet and colorectal cancer. Case/control studies, however, have been scarce, and studies based on interview with cancer patients who have symptoms from their cancer are inevitably prone to bias. An endoscopic population screening study for detection of colorectal adenomas enabled a double-blind(More)
BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES The hallmark of cystic fibrosis (CF) is chronic lung inflammation. The severity of lung disease is closely correlated with immunoglobulin G (IgG) levels. Beyond its contribution to the bone health, the importance of vitamin D has not been fully recognized owing to the lack of human studies providing evidence of its benefit. In the(More)
In an endoscopic population screening study for detection of colorectal polyps the diet was registered before ascertaining whether polyps were present. Polyps less than 5 mm in diameter were followed up for 2 years before removal and histologic diagnosis. The relative risk of an increase both in the volume of registered adenomas (excluding new adenomas) and(More)
The clinical significance of methanogenic bacteria in large-bowel carcinogenesis has not been established so far. As part of a screening study of a randomized population sample of 200 men and 200 women aged 50-59 years, the present breath methane study was designed to gain further information on methane excretion in relation to premalignant colorectal(More)