Inger Erlander Klein

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A technique has been described with which a physiologic and anatomic registration of the attached and unattached tissue of the denture-bearing areas can be attained. Clear acrylic resin trays aid in eliminating excessive displacement at the secondary impression phase. Inadequacies of the mucostatic concept include: Failure to register the tissues, which are(More)
A step-by-step technique has been described to construct stabilized record bases which allows the dentist to take advantage of undercuts through the use of a resilient denture liner material in the undercut regions. The resilient denture liner material protects the rugae and prevents damage to the casts in the undercut regions during repeated placing and(More)
The rationale of designing a seimprecision or precision distal-extension removable partial denture and the justification of ridge loading in distal-extension ridge impression techniques have been presented. The effectiveness of existing impression techniques in securing firm seats for abutment castings, accurate border extension of the denture base, and(More)
The use of the hormone, thyrocalcitonin, has been shown to change the bone metabolism so that resorption is decreased and calcium increased. The growth hormone seems to add to bone mass and indirectly prevents resorption. The combination of growth hormone and calcitonin seems to cause an unusual amount of resorption. This research has shown that metallic(More)