Ingemar Petermann

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The blue OLED emission from a mobile phone was characterised, revealing a sharp emission band centred at λ = 445 nm with a 3dB bandwidth Δλ ∼ 20 nm. It was used to excite Rhodamine 123 doped within a "giant" mesostructured silica sphere during fabrication through evaporative self-assembly of silica nanoparticles. Fluorescence was able to be detected using a(More)
Elements heavier than iron are known to be made partly by the r-process, in a sequence of rapid neutron-captures and subsequent beta-decays in explosive scenarios with high neutron densities. Its astrophysical site has not yet been identified, despite the numerous works done in the last 50 years (see [2] for a review). We have studied systematically the(More)
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