Ingemar A. E. Hulthage

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ALADIN' is a knowledge-based system that aids metallurgists in the design of new aluminum alloys. Alloy design is characterized by creativity, intuition and conceptual reasoning. The application of artificial intelligence to this domain poses a number of challenges, including: how to focus the search, how to deal with subproblem interactions, how to(More)
ALADIN is an expert system that aids metallurgists in the design of new aluminum alloys. The project began in January 1984, and two major iterations of the system design have been completed. The current system is a hybrid of several approaches and artificial intelligence techniques. Declarative representations are used for metallurgical data and concepts.(More)
Aladin is an expert system that assists metallurgists in the design and evaluation of new alloys. This paper gives a preliminary overview of the architecture of Aladin with emphasis on the coupling of symbolic and numeric computations. We briefly describe the knowledge representation of Alloys, Phase diagrams and Microslructure information. We explain how(More)
The purpose of CAPES is to estimate the market value of residential properties in order to assess the collateral on Countrywide mortgage loans. CAPES estimates market value by comparison of the subject property to other similar nearby properties, for which recent sales information is available. In some cases price indices describing the change in property(More)
The ACTION organization design and analysis system is a research and development effort designed to assist business re-engineering and organizational or technology change by helping to improve the integration of technology, organizations, and people ("TOP-inte-gration") in manufacturing enterprises. ACTION uses a multi-level constraint-based representation(More)
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